Frequently Asked Questions


What is in your box? 

A month supply of dry face mask which is enough for 3-5 masks, 2 ml of oil, a hawaiian honey stick and a bamboo spoon

How often do you ship?

 Once a month 

When will my credit card be billed? 

On the 25th of each month 

When do you ship? 

On the 28th of each month 

How much is shipping? 


Do you ship internationally? 

Not at this time but hopefully I will soon!  

How can I get in touch with you? 

How can I learn more about the ingredients? 

Check out our Monthly Ingredient info to either watch or read all about the ingredients and sources of our ingredients. 

What if I want to cancel? 

No problem. We get it that sub boxes are a luxury. Just login and cancel!  

Can I get a refund? 

Not at this time. The purpose of this box is to be an eco friendly affordable sub box. If you don’t like the mask of the month then share it with a friend and wait for next month!  

What is a sensitivity test? 

A sensitivity test is done with any new product on the underside of the forearm to see how your skin reacts to ingredients. I recommend that you do a patch test ANY time you try a new mask. 

How do you do a sensitivity test? 

Mix up 1/8 tsp of mask according to instructions. Paint on underside of forearm. Wait 10-20 minutes. Rinse clean. Evaluate skin reaction to product. If you skin feels burning or discomfort, remove immediately and pass on product. A good mask for your skin will make it feel clean and soothed.  

How often should I mask?

Most masks that you receive in our boxes will contain clay which is a packed with goodness but if overdone can be drying. Stick to masking with our masks once a week for beautiful skin.