How are we different?

  1. We offer simple effective formulas and info on how to tailor it for your own skin
  2. We use minimal eco-conscious packaging 
  3. We offer ingredient information so you can learn why stuff works
  4. Each month, the mask theme is fun and unique
  5. Price point is geared to the fun of subscription boxes without the high price tag

Need more reasons to sign up? 

We have sourced unique quality ingredients for each mask. They are designed to be a weekly treatment to revitalize the skin. Each month, we also put together a You Tube video to give you in- depth reasons as to why simple ingredients work. 

We expressly chose a price point that was accessible to everyone. Subscription boxes should be a fun monthly treat that makes you smile. The more money you invest in a box the more prone you can be to disappointment. The amount of product was also a conscious choice. The smaller amount of product allows you to use the face once a week for a month and then get a new unique mask. This prevents the dreaded guilt that comes from having an excess of products.

From ingredients to packaging, we have chosen earth friendly materials. We will always choose organic if available. Our containers are recycled post consumer resin plastic. Our mailers and labels are 100% recycled materials. 

Who is the maker behind the masks?

Aloha! My name is Marie and I love face masks and subscription boxes.  I created a monthly face mask subscription box because it was something I would love to receive.  

I used to blog about subscription boxes under the name Mailbox Junkie. In 2016, I started a you tube channel devoted to green beauty (and all things green) called And the Color Green. 

I have a weekly segment on my channel called Mask it Monday where I try and review face masks. 

This box is a sum of my ideas that have developed after trying what seems like every green beauty face mask!